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Northern California, designer and builder, Chris M. Barry, applies a dynamic skillset of knowledge towards the creation of innovative designs which are timeless in style.


Every custom order is a dynamic process between client and builder—from concept to build; built to suit and buit to last. His rich experience with historical preservation allows him to support you in creating just the right piece, with the right features, and the right feel. Designs can be clean and contemporary, to classic and traditional in style, some clients even like for their furniture to appear aged as if it's been well-loved for years or salvaged and given new life; each piece has a story.  


On any given day wood choices at Chris's shop could range from local old growth redwood to exotic flamed Hawaiian Acacia Koa or intricate Ebony heartwood from Madagascar. Other materials on hand might include large transluscent sheets of alabaster or a perhaps tree-high stack of deer antlers. When left to his own devices, Chris creates truly unique pieces, boldly formed with eye-catching elements, exceptionally crafted, and built to last.






Fine Builds. Custom Design. Handmade in USA. 

*Installation or international shipping can be arranged. 

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Chris' attention to fine detail was influenced by his mentors at an early age. By age 11, he was invited to The Window, a central coast stained glass company, where he learned how to work with leaded glass and copper foil. His story and skills expand from here:


"From 16 through 18, I worked at an antique refinishing shop in Los Gatos, called Montgomery Antiques.  The owner had two stores.  One featured finer european antiques and the other specialized in early american antiques.  Each style of furniture required a different restoration technique. Working there gave me unique insight into woodworking and how to reconstruct different time periods and styles. 


"I was then a landscape contractor for 4 years or so focusing on masonry, concrete flatwork, water features, etc...  After the Loma Prieta earthquake, I joined up with for Al Giovanni Masonry.  The earthquake had affected many older homes, so we focused on historical masonry restorations and historical re-construction. I supervised a crew of 5 or 6 guys.  We performed many high-end restorations from San Francisco through Saratoga and Los Gatos all the way south to Capitola.


"After Giovanni, I went to work for Grabil Construction in Los Gatos.  Mike Grabill was a high-end home builder.  When Mike retired, I opened my own company specializing in high-end new homes and high-end remodelling.  This company employed around 30 guys in the field, including a team of finish carpenters and a masonry division."


Although Chris still takes on the occasional contract job, most days he can be found in his bayside shop, working on

custom furniture orders and truly unique lighting. 



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